Where does the information come from?

Barassie beach has a dedicated weather station and webcam. 

Weather Info
The weather station is a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2. We had a number of cheaper stations before this one but they always died when the wind gusted up to about 80mph. The vanatage pro 2 has been really good, although we have replaced a couple of components, it’s still going strong. Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2

The information about tide comes from Water quality information comes from

Beach picture
An IP webcam is sitting pointed at the beach. The webcam is connected to software on a computer which takes an image on a 10 second interval and then transfers it up to the webserver that runs this website. It’d be great to get a live stream but there are a few blockers like bandwidth and stability that need overcome.

What beaches and why?

Barassie beach is where I happened to live when I started this website. I mentioned the fact that I had a weather station to some friends and they suggested that wind surfers and kitesurfers would be really interested in the readings. Next addition was a webcam, but as the outside of the house gets covered in sea salt, it meant sitting the webcam inside the house. Webcams were, (and still have) pretty poor image quality compared to good digital cameras. To get a picture of the beach meant finding a zoom lens which I was able to do.
So in short – Barassie beach because I lived there and because it’s a popular beach with wind and kite surfers.

What other beaches?
I hope to find a location at Troon South beach for at least a camera and perhaps an anemometer and wind vane. Prestwick sailing club would be another good location.


  1. Jason says:

    Brilliant only been kiting 13 years and just found this… any chance of doing one for south beach please?


    • William Hadden says:

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve not developed the site in a while as I’ve been living down under. Now I’m back, I’ll see what I can do about a south beach webcam.

    • William Hadden says:

      Hi Jason – FYI a South Beach webcam has been installed and should be going live on the site this week.

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