Beach Stats can only improve by listening to it’s users.  Please comment on this page and let me know what features you’d like to see.  See below for a list of the top requested features and a status of how we’re getting on.


  • Tide – this is implemented (an RSS feed from
  • Weather for Barassie beach – In Progress
  • Page for Troon beach – In Progress (weather will use Barassie station but we’re sourcing a webcam location)


  1. Grant Clayton says:

    Hi guys your live feed has been stuck for some time nowm

  2. A says:


    The webcams and info are stuck at 6/9/19 @3:30am. Hope to see the site up soon as its really useful! (Thanks for all your hard work too!)

  3. andywindsurf says:

    hi William the troon south beach cam has been stuck showing the same pic at least yesterday and today

  4. Ken says:

    Love the new South Beach cam. I was brought up in Troon but now live in Valencia. I check your cameras every day to remind me of the happy times I had as a kid on those beaches, and to see the weather.

  5. Michael says:

    Love the stats!

  6. Darek says:

    Hi, looks like the camera is pointing in wrong direction now.

  7. darek says:

    Hi. I really like this page. Is it possible to have the cam view in color or will it stay b/w only?

    • William Hadden says:

      Hi, glad you like the site. We’ve put a new cam in and are having a bit of an issue of it not turning off night mode. Will try and resolve ASAP.

  8. Gordon says:

    The wind was pretty mush as reported (great thanks) but the weather vane must be stuck in the SW position as it was blowing straight west and, was, an absolutely abysmal day out as a result. Not your fault of course as I did know it was going to be west. Just forgotten how bad it is in that direction albeit I put board on water at 1300hrs exactly when windspeed near halved! Lucky white heather.

    • William Hadden says:

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. There seems to be an issue with the temperature too so will need to have a look at the station. There was an issue with the TV aerial blowing on to the station a couple of weeks ago, so it could have caused some damage. Hopefully be sorted soon!

  9. John says:

    I use your site before I travel down to troon to play golf, do you have some tech information about the apparatus yo use, I live close to Glasgow and am thinking of posting weather information.
    I like the straight to the point nature of your site, the information is “in your face” with no hassle.
    Than you

  10. M says:

    Cheers dude.
    Only recently found your site and loving your work.
    Keep it up
    Much apreacate,

  11. Harry Risk says:

    I am the chairman of Troon Coastal Rowing and have started using your website for weather and tides.I would appreciate if you could add coastal rowing to you website page.

  12. Rory says:

    this site is great. one question please – is the webcam pointed where the kiters usually go in barassie? i am keen to use it to see when other kitesurfers are out and was wondering, if the web cam is showing no-one is out, is this because there is indeed no-one out or because the webcam is pointed somewhere different to the usual spot (near the old beach hut). many thanks. Cheers

    • William Hadden says:

      Thanks for the feedback. The camera is pointing just to the right of the beach hut. As the tide comes in and out, the surfing area varies. I found this to be the best angle but I will review. The quality of the video is an issue and I’ll be looking to improve that. Unfortunately good clear optics don’t come cheap and web cams don’t have a great resolution.

  13. Phil says:

    Hi William

    Thanks a lot for this, been trying to find live weather for ages for Barassie.

    Your webcam is stuck about 4 days ago – hoping you can get it back online.


    • William Hadden says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately if there’s a flicker in power, the camera isn’t re-activating. It can take a while to realise it needs set. I’m trying to setup an alert so I can reset quicker when there’s a delay.

  14. Stephen says:

    Hi William,

    Your camera photo says 10/16/2014. ;-). That is tomorrow.

    Thanks for the webcam. Much appreciated.

  15. Jim says:

    Very helpfully keep up good work ta!

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