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Barassie Beach WebCam   

Webcam pointing at Troon harbour. The camera is facing South West. Depending on the weather Ailsa Craig can sometimes be seen beyond the harbour.

Lady Isle can be seen to the right of the harbour and you can sometimes see the lighthouse flash at night.

The windspeed shows the average wind speed in the last 10 minutes and the highest gust in the past 24 hours.

The barometer is an interesting graph to look at and compare with the other charts (wind speed, temperature and rain). If you have a look on the How to read the weather page you’ll find out more information.

Water Quality


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Useful Links

This section contains some useful links.
Kite surfing and wind surfing

If you want to give kite surfing or wind surfing a go, then the best way is to go and get a lesson. Have a look at the following links for some general information and to enquire about lessons:

Troon RNLI Lifeboat

Every beach goer and those that surf or sail benefit from having Troon RNLI Lifeboat station. Without the dedication of volunteers and generous donations of the public, the lifeboat wouldn’t be there looking after your safety. I highly recommend having a look in the RNLI shop in Troon or looking at the website to see information and maybe make a donation. RNLI – Troon Lifeboat Station

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Barassie beach is North of Troon harbour and is also known as North shore. The beach and bay are popular all year round with a variety of activities. Users include:

  • Troon Coastal Rowing
  • Surfers – wind and kite
  • Sun bathers and swimmers (when the weather suits)
  • Kayakers and Canoeists
  • Walkers
  • Horse riders
  • Bird watchers

Troon harbour has a lifeboat crew which could be handy: but is no excuse for taking risks.




Daylight Hours

Time in Troon: